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For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic.

Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity - Jean Dubuffet.

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Birthdate:Jan 7
Location:Trinidad and Tobago
Lurker,Lj Stalker,One-Time writer now I spend my time procrastinating. I work, I study and I complain about my current job alot, but I won't leave till forced. I'm that kind of masochist.

I collect anime, manga, fantasy novels, and random things that catch my fancy. I'm a bit of a packrat that way.

I confess to being a Yaoi-loving, Manga hoarding, raving(at times)fan girl and I love anything to do with Yaoi, Bishonen, get the idea.

Yeah....Anime and Yaoi...its a way of life.

I've decided to live one day at a time since I've discovered that its easier not to get disappointed too much that way. I still plan ahead but I've adopted the notion of preparing for any circumstance.

Life is short but I manage.

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